Money Rules

9 Rules to Massive Wealth

This book is not about what’s right or what’s wrong,
it’s about doing things the right way

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This book is not about what’s right or what’s wrong, it’s about doing things the right way.

Money Rules

9 Rules to Massive Wealth

Written for Influential Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Families with Money.

There are many books written for individuals who are seeking to build wealth, but when you reach the point of impressive success and multiple commas to your name, you may be reliant on your inner circle with your decisions about money. You feel you have everything in place, but there are many aspects you may be missing.

This book is written for you, and in it you will find out what you are missing, no matter how diversified your portfolio is or what you think you know about money, and what you must have in place as you move forward. When you know the rules of how your wealth really works and the ideas and strategies in this book, you will be able to build and protect your money, not just have momentary fortune.

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I am Harry J. Abrahamsen

is a leading financial strategist in personal financial economics focused on personalized financial strategies.

He understands the necessity of a macro financial strategy that provides and protects wealth, and he lends his expertise in his advisement and his authorship. Harry pulls from his own experiences and stories to help his clients navigate through financial challenges they may face, and his focus on personal relationships is part of thefoundation of his practice.

Motivation Behind The Book

I always wanted to write a book. It was a lifelong ambition that increased after college, and yet my dyslexia presented a challenge. Writing was not a strong suit of mine. And of course, there was yet another challenge—picking what to write about.

As I reinvented myself over the years and founded Abrahamsen Financial Group, my attention focused on money, how it operates, and what wealth means. I studied people, how they approached their finances, what their choices were. I studied money and how it works, and I studied institutions.

Over the years I started to witness and interpret inefficiencies in the way people related to money, and particularly their money. There were false perceptions, narrow viewpoints, and biases peppered through their planning, if there was any intention to their approach at all. I decided my book would focus on this, on the shift in mindset you must make if you want to maintain massive wealth, or make it.

It took me over a year to write this book and over 18 years of working with people and money to know what to provide in it. The Money Rules are a mix of my philosophy and approaches that you may implement right now, and moreso, the material provides a mindset that will forever alter the way you experience money. I’ve included some personal stories and examples as this is not just an approach for others, but one that’s very personal for me too.

This is absolutely not my last book, but it is my first. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed the process of writing it.

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9 Rules to Massive Wealth

Chapter 1

Money & Math

Rule - Money is not math and math is not money

Math calculations do not give the full picture of your money.

Chapter 2

Needs vs. Wants

Rule - We live in a want world

Be realistic about what’s required to maintain your way of life.

Chapter 3

Protecting Money

Rule - It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep

Protect what you’ve made so that you don’t sacrifice everything.

Chapter 4

Trusting the Bank

Don’t make the mistake of trusting the bank as a reliable institution.

Chapter 5

Chasing the Markets & The 3 Powers

Rule - Risks do not promise rewards

Don’t rely on rates of return, particularly during the withdrawal phase.

Chapter 6

Micro vs. Macro

Rule - Massive wealth is about macro strategies

Make all your advisors and assets work together in an overarching plan.

Chapter 7

Moving into Macro

Rule - The Strategies

Form strategies that implement multiple pieces on the board.

Chapter 8


Rule - The best bank is the one you build

Leverage other people’s money, rather than your own.

Chapter 9

Borrowing to Lend

Be wise about how you lend to family and friends so everyone benefits.

Chapter 10

Investing with Intention

Rule - Investments are not a strategy

Implement more than your favorite investments to maintain wealth.

Chapter 11

Pre-Tax vs. Post Tax

Rule - Pay now or pay later

Don’t sacrifice your wealth by opting for an unknown tax burden.

Chapter 12

Living in the Past

Don’t replicate strategies that worked for your parents in past times.

Chapter 13

Tax Intelligence

Work intelligently with taxes because you won’t ever avoid the IRS.

Chapter 14

Making the Move

Put it all together and take action on your wealth now.

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