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Your financial plan doesn’t involve just one person, and it matters that your advisors act accordingly.

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If you’re like most of our prospective clients, you probably already have several advisors helping you with your personal financial plan, each working within their own interest. You may have one person handling your auto and home insurance, you may have purchased life insurance from somewhere else, you may have relationships with a CPA, lawyer, banker, and someone managing your investments in the markets. No matter your position, most of these advisors may never get the chance to speak to each other, let alone align with your plan.

We find that people make decisions one at a time, at different times, under different circumstances, and this means you may go to many places for advice without ever planning an overall strategy that involves all of them. You may be reactive rather than macro.

With over 18 years as a firm, and many areas of expertise among us, Abrahamsen Financial Group’s team and business partners offer a macro approach across wealth management, tax law, accounting, IRS reporting, insurance, multi-generational planning, business valuation and more. You may receive the entire picture, and implementation of it, in our firm.


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Harry J. Abrahamsen

Founder & CEO

Harry J. Abrahamsen is a leading financial strategist in personal financial economics focused on personalized financial strategies. He understands the necessity of a macro financial strategy that provides and protects wealth, and he lends his expertise in his advisement and his authorship. After the events of September 11, 2001, Harry realized how important it is to properly protect against unexpected life experiences and pursue his own destiny and today is dedicated to helping his clients do the same.

Harry pulls from his own experiences and stories to help his clients navigate through financial challenges they may face and focuses on personal relationships in the foundation of his practice.

Senior VP - Independent Advisor Representative - Roy Labaton

Roy Labaton

Senior Vice President
Investment Advisory Representative

The driving force for Roy Labaton’s pursuit of a career in personal finance is his passion for helping people delete uncertainty from their financial world.

Jennifer Abrahamsen

Vice President
Client Relations

Jennifer joins the firm with a versatile background in operations, technology and administrative management. She previously managed accounting services at a major firm.

Gabriel Reynoso

Chief Operating Officer

Gabriel brings 20 years of marketing experience to the team along with systems and integration knowledge. He uses his tech-savvy to ensure a quality experience for the firm and its clients.

Daniel Wright

Financial Professional

Daniel Wright joined Abrahamsen Financial Group to pursue a career in personal finance after realizing the importance of providing people with solutions to their uncertain financial futures.

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